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Best Beauty Products in 2019

We're lucky enough to get sent a lot of beauty products to try out. But when trialing new products, we also share a lot of recommendations with each other and listen to what you guys are recommending over in our secret Facebook group.

And because we're really rather nosy when it comes to discovering new beauty, we decided to reach out to the masses and ask Le Pretty's loyal social followers what new beauty products you've been loving so far in 2019.

We had so many responses (thank you)—from cult buys we can all agree on to brand-new and niche discoveries, the results are in. Keep scrolling to see what made the list of your number one beauty product(s) so far this year…

 The Best Hair Drying Towels in 2019.

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 The Rapid Drying Hair Towel is an outstanding hair towel with fantastic features and benefits. This towel has a very interesting and unique system called Twist and Loop. The Twist and Loop system is very useful as it ensures quick drying of the towel. This hair towel is made from 100 percent microfiber. The towel stays in one place without making your head feel bulky. The towel is super absorbent and takes very less time as compared to the blow dryers. You can also wash this towel in machines. This towel is suitable for all types of hair.


The Best Adhesive Bras in 2019


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The invisible lift-up bra  which remains very comfortable on your skin. This is made up of high-quality silicone and is an adhesive bra. You can select from a wide range of sizes and is a backless invisible bra. It will enhance the shape of your breasts. Moreover, this is very silky and has many air holes to give you more breathability. This is reusable, and you can clean it many times you want.

It also has an attractive look and will assist you in pushing up your chests. This is the best way to have a proud curve and to decorate your chest. This has comfortable stickiness, and you can also buy in multiple colors. Furthermore, this will go perfectly with the wedding and party dresses and will give your breasts a charming deep ‘V’ shape.


The Best Hair Iron in 2019

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Whether you have thick or thin hair, we would like to have it dried naturally as much as possible. Taming the frizzy side of it and style it properly without the hassle of going to the salon or have multiple styling tools to achieve the look that we would like on any occasions or events. We all want to have just one equipment that can do everything we plan for the look that we have in mind and 2 In 1 Twist Straightening Curling Iron can definitely give you just that! The most powerful ideal iron curler which can straighten and curl your hair without spending over an hour.


Finding that one piece of innovative styling equipment is a bit challenging since there’s a lot of option out there in the market. Well, your search is over, 2 In 1 Twist Straightening Curling Iron is here to give you that salon looks every day, anytime and anywhere you want it. It features solid tourmaline ceramic with 360° rotatable power cord tail which helps you curl, straight or even twist your hair without the cord being tangled up. It has a minimum of 140°C and a maximum 230°C temperature. This is the best flat iron that is very sleek and easy to handle for you to get the flawless waves, voluminous, bouncing curls or even a silky straighter hair that hold all day long.


The Best Make Up Mirror in 2019

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Reviewers gushed about the flexible, gooseneck arm on this magnifying, lighted makeup mirror. “The length of the gooseneck arm is the perfect length to span the counter from your vanity mirror to your face. The mirror itself is much larger than I expected, and the light is super bright but soft enough that it does not hurt your eyes and lets you see every hair that you might want to pluck,” one reviewer raves. “I have been looking for a gooseneck magnifying mirror that actually sticks to glass and stays put,” another reviewer admits, concluding, “So far, so good. Made well and the lights are a bonus. I am very pleased with this purchase and highly recommend.” And in one review simple titled “Happy” a reviewer explains, “The perfect mirror for my needs. The gooseneck is just the right length, the mirror the right size with no distortion, and the suction cup works as advertised.”


The Best Mascara in 2019

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 The 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara gives you more volume and provides more flexibility - even for the finest eyelashes. Whether you're feeling subtle or sassy, defiant or classy, the 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara will help you go wherever your mood takes you.

The high-quality brush and the unique formula provide a long-lasting effect, from morning to evening! No clumping and no smearing, even with moisture!

For seductive moments in an instant!

The mascara contains valuable care substances for the care of strained eyelashes. As a result, the hair not only looks stronger - they will!